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Can the R&D Tax Credit Offset the Section 174 Changes?

September 9, 2023

Jonathan Cardella

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Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Cardella is an entrepreneur with a 20-year track record of building technology businesses. He focuses on solving real-world problems through the rapid development of web and mobile applications and platforms. He founded Strike Tax Advisory in 2019 after realizing the potential of the R&D tax credit to transform companies, especially small- and medium-sized businesses, through the infusion of new, untapped capital.

Jonathan Cardella, CEO of Strike Tax Advisory, joins Michele Hansen, host of the Software Social podcast and Co-Founder of Geocodio, to talk R&D tax credits and answer the commonly asked question: can the R&D tax credit offset the Section 174 changes? 

Listen in as Jonathan explains the R&D tax credit, breaks down the new Section 174 changes, and ties them both together. While Strike acts as a specialty tax credit advisory firm, we strongly encourage all business owners to work through their tax situation with their tax professional.

For additional resources regarding the R&D Tax Credit or recent Section 174 Changes, find them here: 
Learn more about the R&D Tax Credit and how it may help you.
Visit our page on Section 174 Changes to stay up to date.
If you're not claiming the R&D tax credit, our R&D Tax Credit Calculator can estimate credits you might be owed.

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