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Partner with Strike to help your clients maximize their R&D tax credit.

The 4-Part Test is used against all expenses to determine qualification.

The 4-Part Test is the most challenging and extensive part of any R&D tax filing. It’s important to have an experienced team to ensure claims are valid and properly filed to maximize the credit.

Activities must be evaluated for the following in order to determine qualification for the R&D credit:
Eliminating Uncertainty

Not sure if your clients qualify for the R&D tax credit?

The Force Behind Strike

Our team is built from some of the world’s most educated firms. We specialize in various technical disciplines as CPAs, attorneys, scientists, engineers, and techpreneurs. We love technology, but it’s our human touch and expertise that sets Strike apart from other firms.
Sheena Marvin
Manager of Tax Credit Services
Elmer Williams
Business Development Manager
Guy Emro
Chief Revenue Officer
Chris Gummeson, CPA
Samuel Koch
Business Development Manager
Queenie Abucejo, JD
Finance Manager
Yung Stiffler
Interim President & Chief of Staff
Tom Raudorf
Chief Operating Officer
Cortney Palm
Director of Partnerships
Kayla Davis
Marketing Consultant
Nikhil Tiwari, MBA
Senior Tax Associate
Ryan Miller, PhD
Executive Director
Vlad Dzhidzhiyeshvili
Chief Technical Officer
Adam Gislason
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Jonathan Cardella
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Guy Emro
Chief Revenue Officer
Jonathan Cardella
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Yung Stiffler
Interim President & Chief of Staff
Tom Raudorf
Chief Operating Officer
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Why Partner With Strike?

With a record of 100% substantiated claims, our process is proven to maximize a client’s R&D tax credit with accuracy and confidence.
No Up-Front Costs
We’ll never request a retainer or charge monthly fees. Pay only when your credits are delivered.
Fee Guarantee & Audit Protection
Unlimited audit support with a 100% fee-back guarantee.
Strike ForceTM
The force behind Strike is our team, built from world class talents and firms.

How Our Partner Program Works

We typically* release credits within ## days after we first speak with your client.
*Each credit study is unique; your client will receive a personalized timeline and credit delivery estimate.
You connect your clients with our expert team to kickstart the process.
We manage their R&D credit study from document gathering, to interviews, and delivery of credits.
Your Partner Portal gives you full visibility to the status and progress of your client’s study.
We deliver credits to your client, and you’re one of the first to know.

Lower taxes make clients happy, all thanks to you!

Partner Portal for Complete Referral Visibility

Experience enhanced collaboration and streamlined success with our software tailored for partners, designed to bring absolute clarity and efficiency to every aspect of our partnership.
Check your referrals’ progresses and qualifications in one single place
Proactively manage client needs with up-to-date status insights
Easily track your revenue potential from referrals
Resolve issues quickly with direct access to your Partner Manager

Real Partnerships, Real Voices

Discover how our partnership has empowered professionals like you,
directly from those who've experienced the Strike difference.
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Working with Strike has been amazing - they have done a great job of taking care of our clients and helping them find more tax savings, makes us look even better!

We really appreciate their responsiveness and how they are able to help our clients!

Carlotta Thompson & Associates
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The R&D tax credit is practically handmade for SaaS companies spending money on R&D. As an in-house CFO, I claimed this credit, but I hired experts to do it right so it’s well documented and we’re claiming the right amounts each year. Working with Strike to maximize your R&D tax credit is something your tax and accounting practice should definitely be looking into.

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Strike is professional, timely, and thorough in their evaluation. We have complete confidence they are maximizing the tax benefits for our clients.

Fully Accountable

Who makes a good Strike Partner?

Accounting Firms
Fractional CFOs
Tax Attorneys
Financial Planners
Business Consultants

One place to get all of your
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We strive to keep our clients and partners up to date on the most recent R&D tax credit news. These changes often directly impact our network and we hope to alleviate some of the surprise the IRS delivers.
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Learn about the impact recent Section 174 changes are having on R&D companies.
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