Strike ForceTM

Innovators deserve a better way to claim specialty business tax credits—with no out-of-pocket costs.

How we've built our team and how we operate to deliver this service is a-typical, and powerful. Powerful enough we've given our expert approach a name: Strike ForceTM.


A boutique experience with Big 4 expertise.

Our team is built from some of the world’s most educated firms. We specialize in various technical disciplines as CPAs, attorneys, scientists, engineers, and techpreneurs. Together, we’ve conducted thousands of R&D tax credit studies across industries such as SaaS, manufacturing, robotics, pharma, MSPs, petrochemicals—even breweries.

Sheena Marvin
Manager of Tax Credit Services
Queenie Abucejo, JD
Finance Manager
Jonathan Cardella
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Kayla Davis
Marketing Consultant
Vlad Dzhidzhiyeshvili
Chief Technical Officer
Guy Emro
Chief Revenue Officer
Adam Gislason
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Chris Gummeson, CPA
Samuel Koch
Business Development Manager
Ryan Miller, PhD
Executive Director
Cortney Palm
Director of Partnerships
Tom Raudorf
Chief Operating Officer
Yung Stiffler
Interim President & Chief of Staff
Nikhil Tiwari, MBA
Senior Tax Associate
Elmer Williams
Business Development Manager