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R&D Tax Credit Calculator

Discover how much you can claim in R&D tax credits for expenditures on the development of new software, technology, products and processes.

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Note: The Tax Credit Calculator is indicative only and for information purposes. It should not be used as a basis for calculations submitted in your tax returns. Contact Strike to know exactly how much you stand to earn from your qualified research expenses.

How to Use the Strike R&D Tax Credit Calculator

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Yearly Expenses: Enter the amount spent annually on developing or improving software and products.
These are categorized under Qualified Research Expenditures (QRE) and can be discovered more in detail here.
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State: Select the states where your employees reside.
This helps us give a closer estimate of the tax credit you can claim. Different states offer different benefits when it comes to R&D tax credit, and this is separate from the uniform federal R&D Tax Credit.
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Industry: Select your primary industry.
Each industry experiences varying levels of research, development, and innovation. These differences are configured within our proprietary calculator.
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Download the app.

Download our R&D Tax Credit Calculator for Android to see how much you can receive from your qualified R&D tax credit expenses.

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