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Decimal Joins Strike for R&D Tax Credit Deep Dive

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn how expert R&D credit services can enhance your business and client offerings.

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November 10, 2021
1pm MDT / 12pm PDT
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About the Host(s)

Tyler Kem
Co-Founder & VP

Tyler is a tax professional with eight years of public accounting experience. He has specialized in R&D tax credit consulting for the last five years, starting his own R&D consulting firm in 2018. Tyler enjoys educating CPAs, EAs, CFOs, attorneys, and industry leaders about THE tax credit that can make a difference.

Matt Tait

Matt finds his home as CEO of Decimal helping entrepreneurs and small businesses be better. After some time as an attorney, the internal drive of entrepreneurship led Matt away from practicing law and into a world providing strategic direction to leaders in need. Matt’s team at Decimal focuses on fine-tuning (or implementing) the best, most integrated back office system for their clients, helping them grow and do the things they love.

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What You'll Learn in the session

What is the R&D Tax Credit

Qualifying clients average $250k in R&D tax credits from the IRS for their investments in innovation. We will work with you through the massive tax incentives that reward your R&D efforts.

How to claim your R&D tax credit

An advanced, hyper-effective technique that will allow you to put thousands of dollars back in your pocket to fuel innovation in your company.

State R&D Tax Credit Opportunities

We will touch on the 36 states that have a state R&D tax credit and teach you unique rules and regulations that you need to be aware of.

R&D Tax Credit Calculator

Discover your tax credit potential with our R&D calculator. Simply pick your industry and state, and it will calculate a range of R&D tax credits your business is potentially eligible for.

How to Determine your R&D Tax Credit Eligibility

Want to know whether you qualify? We will dive into the types of expenses and projects your company can claim for R&D tax credits.

Live Q&A with an R&D tax expert

Have any particular questions or topics you would like to address? Take advantage of our live Q&A section at the end of the webinar. We are here to help.

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