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How does Strike calculate the federal and state R&D Tax Credits?

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions our team receives about R&D tax credits

How does Strike calculate the federal and state R&D Tax Credits?

STRIKE Tax uses a four-step process:          

  1. Preliminary Analysis (includes discovery and credit estimation)
  2. Credit Calculation

a. Qualitative Analysis: an activities-based analysis to gather and review supporting project documentation; and 

b. Quantitative Analysis: analysis of financial documents to aggregate qualified research expenses (“QREs”) using various methods, including interviews, surveys, questionnaires, and proprietary tools.

3. Documentation and Substantiation of the Credits (includes delivery of an audit-ready package containing details of our methods, calculation, and applicable forms)

4.Audit Support (if the credits are ever challenged by the IRS or state, we stand by your side).

Depending on whether a company has previously claimed the R&D Tax Credit, our methods could vary. Also, since every R&D engagement is unique and has different levels of complexity, some steps can be eliminated or adjusted as necessary.

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