Can I claim expenses as Section 162 instead of Section 174?

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions our team receives about R&D tax credits

Can I claim expenses as Section 162 instead of Section 174?

Previously, CPAs and taxpayers never had to determine whether or not the businesses expenses were Section 162 or Section 174 because all expenses were fully deductible on a tax return. However, many taxpayers businesses do fall under the Section 174 requirements and will need to amortize their research expenses on their tax returns accordingly. 

Taxpayers that have already claimed the R&D tax credit and are electing to forgo the 2022 R&D tax credit to instead fully deduct research expenses as Section 162 expenses (general business expense), should speak to a CPA and closely review your options. We anticipate the IRS will have a way to identify qualified Section 174 industries and taxpayers that are not amortizing their research expenditures. If you have previously claimed the R&D tax credit, suddenly claiming expenses under Section 162 (general business expense) will raise a red flag with the IRS. Research and development companies don’t generally stop doing R&D. R&D expenses should be claimed under Section 174.

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