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We partner with CPAs, accountants, and fractional CFOs to maximize their clients’ tax credit potential. See how you can earn lifetime commisions with our referral program.

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We're on a mission to make R&D tax credits accessible to all U.S. business owners so that they don't miss out on the 18B tax incentives available to them. We will make you the hero for finding your clients more money in R&D tax credits, while you earn lifetime commissions with our referral program.

Working with Strike has been amazing - they have done a great job of taking care of our clients and helping them find more tax savings, makes us look even better!

We really appreciate their responsiveness and how they are able to help our clients!

Carlotta Thompson & Associates

The R&D tax credit is practically handmade for SaaS companies spending money on R&D. As an in-house CFO, I claimed this credit, but I hired experts to do it right so it’s well documented and we’re claiming the right amounts each year. Working with Strike to maximize your R&D tax credit is something your tax and accounting practice should definitely be looking into.


Strike is professional, timely, and thorough in their evaluation. We have complete confidence they are maximizing the tax benefits for our clients.

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