$26,000* per employee in COVID-19 relief from the IRS.

Businesses that were significantly impacted by COVID-19 can claim the Employee Retention Tax Credit, putting thousands back in their pocket.

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*New Regulations removed Q4 2021 wages from qualifying, reducing the max per employee from $33,000 to $26,000.

Average ERTC payout for small businesses
10 Min
Average time it takes to qualify your business
Do you fall within one of these industries? You likely qualify.
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Medical Clinics
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Boutique Hotels
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Dentistry Practices
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Performing Arts Organizations
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Massage Therapy Clinics
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Brick and Mortar Retail Stores
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Nail or Hair Salons
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Jewelry Stores
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Real Estate Brokers
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Daycare Facilities
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Clubs & Bars
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Travel-related Businesses
Did your business suffer any of the following? You likely qualify.
Full or partial shutdown
Reduction in operating hours
Supply chain disruptions
Inability to work
onsite or visit clients
Distribution interruptions
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Claiming your ERTC funds could be the difference between your company going big, or going under.

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